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Here you can make better use of your experts’ skills and services by supervising them face to face. 2021 is the year in which the software development industry is growing rapidly. A range of development tasks – coding, design, and development is done by choosing the one of the software development approaches. You might have experienced how tiresome this choice can be.

IT outsourcing makes available cooperation with a variety of technical experts competent in needed business domains. For example, there are over 36K of annual tech graduates in Ukraine, and this number is growing. Such a wide talent pool is one of the reasons why companies from all over the world open their headquarters and R&D centers in this region. The development costs may also be influenced by staff size, technology stack used, experience, and duration of the collaboration.

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In Poland, rates for outsourcing development are little higher than in neighboring Ukraine but it still is as in Eastern Europe — somewhere around $40-56. Yet, higher software development cost per hour can be explained by the great tech education in the country and higher living standards. Being one of the most developed IT industries, Polish outsourcing is also rich in both freelance specialists and established companies. Having requirements that are clearly articulated is vital for offshore teams to succeed. However, the fact that consistency in the personnel working on the project is also required is related to this critical concept. To this end, consistent personnel – which is often more typical of onshore/onsite development – is significant to the project’s success. There are some critical aspects of the internal project that make it vital for executives to analyze the situation before hiring offshore teams for developmental aid.

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Do not forget about the NDA (non-disclosure agreement); you’re also free to request the NDA signature even before the dev team starts working, e.g., during the interviews. Cleveroad is an East European professional offshore software outsourcing company from Ukraine.

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Their technologies include .NET CORE, NodeJS, React JS, Android and iOS/ React Native app development services, Java, Angular JS, and PHP. Saigon Technology is one of the most reliable and trusted offshore software development firms in the country.

Evaluate The Skill Set Required For The Project

In this article, we discussed various aspects of hiring offshore development team and came to know why it’s the best choice for a tech startup. This approach helps the startup owners to save their time and funds while getting an MVP of top-notch quality. In the era of technological advancement, offshore outsourcing helps companies get an advantage over their competition. This issue will be the least of your problems when you hire through an offshore development company in the Philippines.

Probably, you have heard about onshore and nearshore terms along with offshore product development services. But outsourcing doesn’t always imply the development of software abroad. Outsourcing can be implemented within the country — you hand over task implementation to the contractor. And offshoring still means the delegation of development processes to another country. Besides, offshoring is a process when you hire a third-party contractor somewhere out of your timezone. Setting up an benefits of offshore software development team is a crucial business decision, which means the benefit must also be significant and tangible.

Understand The offshore Formula

You may also contact their previous clients and ask if they would recommend that developer or a team. India, China, and the Philippines are the leading countries with the most number of developers. India leads at the front with 2.75 million developers followed by China and the Philippines with 590K and 190K developers respectively. Eastern Europe has earned a reputation as a reliable IT outsourcing destination due to its cost-effectiveness, growing talent pool, and rapidly evolving IT industry. On the other hand, such changes are common in any startup environment. Outsourcing developers can be easily moved between the projects and are extremely flexible especially when you collaborate with them through web dev shop.

IT outsourcing is a particularly effective strategy for startups, who may lack the internal resource to manage all elements of their business with only a small team. To get more insights into how much app development costs overall, read our article ‘How much does it cost to make an app? ’ or use our free tool App Cost Calculator to get a high-level estimation.

So, while hiring a development team, you should keep in mind all these characteristics, analyze them, and choose the most suitable vendor for you. Offshoring massive projects is one of the only times that offshore specialists almost always make sense due to the lower overseas rates of hiring offshore specialists. Offshoring is also typically advantageous for long projects that require long-term development work from skilled engineers for the same reason. Offshoring tasks are rarely suitable for smaller projects unless the offshore team has a relationship with the company. It isn’t a smart business decision to hire employees or build out a team that is only needed for a single project or function. Working with offshore software developers gives organizations the ability to complete one-off projects quickly and in the most cost-effective manner while gaining access to the top talent in the field.

Protect Yourself- Team members should sign NDAs and/ or non-compete agreements, always before starting the development work. Intellectual property rights and confidentiality terms are clear to everybody. In addition, set up a private repository for the code (GitHub, BitBucket, GitLab, etc.). Negotiate Rates– Talk about developer rates, mostly not to cut down a price already low, but to get a company or an individual to prove their capabilities.

Learn to see the difference between that and a generally low-value company. Handing over some of your in-house projects means that you often disclose sensitive corporate information. Some companies prefer not to share it with their offshoring vendor under any circumstances, impeding the software development process. Managing an offshore software development team is challenging. To face them successfully, managers need to coordinate employees and leverage all assets effectively.

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Since day one, we were engaging in the product development. At the begining, I thought it’s gonna be a very hard road… Maintained security standardsThe IT business you choose must keep up with most up-to-date security policies in place to protect all of your data and software. With the changing demands of complex projects, we scale up proficient resources to meet your custom business demand and generate profitable results. Our straight-forward and transparent approach ensures an assertive communication internal and external for a clear vision of business objectives. National and government-sponsored initiatives by several South American governments have driven the region’s success in the software development industry even more.

Clients don’t need to spend time recruiting specialists, software and hardware purchase, etc. They find the software development team, and then their project can be implemented on a turnkey basis. It’s challenging to find a talent with both of the options whether In-house and offshore software development. I must say that both approaches have their own benefits and disadvantages. But the choice depends on the specific project’s requirements. It is necessary to carefully define your project requirements and use best practices to keep work transparent.

  • Try to be one step ahead of the next day’s tasks, especially if your remote team members are awake and working while you are asleep.
  • Our clients include small, medium, and large businesses operating across a number of different industries.
  • They have turned into reliable and productive IT hubs which produce a significant part of mobile and web solutions.
  • It’s also a great way to quickly put together proof of concepts, prototypes, and minimum viable products that can be used to collect feedback and refine an idea before beginning the development process.

It becomes challenging in-house when launching a new software product powered by an unfamiliar technologies. That runs by a company or enterprise with a team of engineers that works within the office. In this approach, the software is develop by the development team.

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The region’s solid engineering potential stems from decades of profound technical education, one of the main reasons Eastern European tech workers rank among the best software Code review developers in the world. Working with offshore IT staff, you have a right to wait for fulfilling contractual obligations that can be changed by agreement of both parties.

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Relevant ExperienceYour ideal offshore outsourcing partner must have relevant experience in all the fields necessary for your project. They should also have a futuristic approach for apps to be scalable and sustainable as per market trends. With years of proven records in delivering successful projects, Netcompany has now become a trusted partner in digitalization. The company now works with various governments and large enterprises on different projects. It also offers end-to-end digital services that can benefit startups and small businesses.