HotVPN Review – Pros and Cons

The customer support system in Hot VPN is impressive. The company gives live chat support, which can be utilized if you have an emergency. While they weren’t competent to provide a lots of detailed facts, they did answer promptly. The live chat services is helpful assuming you have a quick concern and don’t desire to contact a customer support agent. The service would not keep reports of what you do online, which is important if you are planning to share any personal data.

The limited server matter makes HotVPN unsuitable for the purpose of streaming, which can be something a lot of top-tier VPNs claims to do. Even though the service includes a decent number of servers, this still won’t seem to have enough to allow you to stream Netflix and other popular streaming services. The slow speeds and extensive buffering not necessarily conducive into a high-quality video viewing knowledge. Although it offers great anonymity, this isn’t very enough to justify their price.

Because of this, HotVPN just isn’t worth the retail price. It doesn’t present enough computers to justify the price tag. The program is also not as transparent since other VPNs, which may cause some users to think uncomfortable. Nevertheless , you can choose from a person, two, or four hosting space to connect to – depending on how much privateness you need. The drawbacks of HotVPN are the insufficient transparency, a tiny but important issue.